about séz.

our story

séz apparel is more than just a streetwear brand. we want to bring you conscious culture. quality, fashionable garments, produced in an ethical and sustainable process. a minimalistic design that can stand the test of time and be a staple in your wardrobe for years. 

designed in nottingham and developed from a colloquialism, séz wants to transcend the standard clothing brand.

as a middle finger to the fast fashion industry we will do things differently to the seasonal release. we will work project based. this could be 4 projects/capsules a year or maybe 1. 

séz is about more than just profit. we want to speak. we will continuously be looking at the issues in the world and produce capsules that tackle them. it’s more than a piece of clothing. it’s a statement.

we will strive to bring you a sustainable product you can be proud to wear, whether that be sourced sustainable garments or recycled/salvaged fabrics.