séz standards

the séz standards will return soon!


a few sample products are available online now.


for our first and continuing project we wanted to find a manufacturer that shared our passion for sustainable clothing. when we came across the earth positive range we knew we’d found a product that met our desire to be sustainable.

“the most progressive sustainable clothing on earth.“

the 3 key aspects that make our garments amazing are:

  • 100% organic 

  • ethically manufactured

  • 90% recution in CO2 output

at the factory based in southern India, super-modern infrastructure enables industry leading socially and environmentally responsible production. the production process has reduced the carbon footprint of manufacturing by 90% through: innovative product design, low impact and organic agriculture, efficient manufacturing, and by using renewable power.

a single séz earth positive tee saves around 7kg of CO2 emissions compared to other tees.